Our sites are highly regarded by specialists in their respective fields. Here is a selection of testimonials:

Candidate Obama’s site change.org reviewed online activism success stories from various countries and placed our onemideast.org at the top of their list of “lessons activists worldwide can learn from”.

Dr. Joshua Landis, director Center of Peace Studies at the University of Oklahoma signed Creativesyria.com guestbook “What a god send. A labor of love and creativity. Cannot thank you enough”

David Ignatius, associate editor of the Washington Post signed “Wonderful site”

British Author and historian Dr. Patrick Seale signed “CreativeSyria is a wonderful idea that deserves all possible support. I much look forward to its further treasures”

Eleonora Gavrielides, spokeswoman for government of Cyprus wrote “exceptionally interesting”

Egyptian investigative journalist and news talk show host Yosri Fouda signed “Informative, entertaining and stimulating in a most enjoyable fashion”

American publisher and author Scott C. Daviis wrote “The most visually pleasing website I’ve seen in a long time. This site is a milestone that will be widely imitated in the years to come”

Oleg Grabar, Prof Emeritus Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University wrote “I look forward to learning from these pictures”

Newgraph founder Camille Alexandre Otrakji is a user-interface design specialist for software and online content. He publishes his original research findings in a number of peer-reviewed scientific journals.

He is also the founder of a number of sites specialized in Syrian and Middle Eastern affairs. Here is a sample of his media interviews and stories covering some of Newgraph’s online projects :

Newgraph provides innovative web-based solutions for both the non-profit and commercial sectors. Our vision is to make positive global change through the use of information communication technologies, ICT. Newgraph uses the latest technologies combined with talented resources, including industry experts, to realize a wealth of high-quality web-based projects.

Newgraph offers a variety of services, some of which include:

  • Analysis of requirements and design of alternative solutions,
  • Developing and customizing web-based solutions,
  • A vast pool of technologies and advanced tools,
  • Collaborative and social media solutions,
  • Knowledge Management Systems (KMS),
  • Online tools including but not limited to surveys, blogs, wikis, and forums,
  • Web analytics and performance indicators analysis,

A central part of our projects entails the merging of the arts and sciences towards the objectives of the desired communication exercise. This allows us to focus on ensuring the usability of the web-site solution, the knowledge that needs to be managed within its pages, and its adoption for its strong purpose to communicate the information it intended in the first place. Some of our very important goals as it relates to our approach include:

Resources on demand: We have a database of technical, scientific and other experts that we can hire on a project basis. These resources are tested and meet our quality criteria. This is important so we would not have to pass the cost of full-time employees to our clients while at the same time we can assign the best talent for the project at hand.

Tools Management: We have an innovative modular design criteria to our development approach. This allows us to recycle and customize solutions in the most effective and efficient manner. This also translates to reduced costs and increased quality to our clients.

Diversification: We aim to undertake diverse projects because that provides us with a broader understanding of potential solutions, leading to better designs to meet clients' needs and intentions.

Beliefs: We strongly believe in balancing the equation between commercialism and volunteerism.

State-of-the-art: Most of our talent entail highly educated individuals with Masters or Ph.D. level of education. The primary reason for this is evident in the first step of every project we undertake: assess and understand the state-of-the-art. Without it, innovation is not possible.

Knowledge Management: Our approach is highly knowledge-centric such that the entity that is to be communicated is "knowledge".

At NewGraph, every project is a learning experience, clients as well. We keep in mind at all time that we are serving and reaching the world through innovation via the use of ICT. We never lose focus of our aim to "share knowledge for a better world".